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Letters & Commentaries

As a client service, Alley Company publishes quarterly letters featuring investment-market information and analysis.

We also publish investment commentaries periodically to enhance clients’ understanding of our investment philosophy.

To view recent letters and commentaries, please click on the links.

Q2 2018 – Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Q1 2018 – The Return of Volatility
Q4 2017 – Flashing Green

Q3 2017 – Secret Sauce
Q2 2017 – The Value of Growth

Q1 2017 – Glass Half Full

Q4 2016 – Stick To Your Knitting

Q3 2016 – The Big Three

Q2 2016 – Three Cheers for Dividends

Q1 2016 – Water in the Desert

Q4 2015 – FactCheck

Q3 2015 – Investment Philosophy

Q2 2015 – Deja Vu?

Q1 2015 – Market Noise
Q4 2014 – Blue Chips
Q3 2014 – Shale Revolution
Q2 2014 – Goldilocks
Q1 2014 – In Our Own Backyard
Q4 2013 – Engage!
Q3 2013 – Building Confidence
Q2 2013 – Transition
Q1 2013 – The Sky is the Limit!
Q4 2012 – Plenty of Room for Improvement
Q3 2012 – What Can Go Right in America?
Q2 2012 – Maintaining the Discipline
Q1 2012 – Inflection Point
Q4 2011 – A Great Time to be an Investor
Q3 2011 – The Arbiter of Value
Q2 2011 – The Great Paradox


Three Cheers for Dividends
The Power of Dividend Growth

The Case for Dividend Investing
Dividend Investing
Back to Basics
The Case For Quality
Risk Adjusted Returns
Early Stage Bull Market Investing
Investing for the Long Term
The Value Of Growth
Principles of Compounding Part 1
Principles of Compounding Part 2


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